Century Interiors is a full service drywall contractor serving Calgary and surrounding areas. We supply and install all labor, materials and equipment required to complete our scope of work

Century Interiors guarantees quality and excellent service. We work with many professional local contractors and suppliers so you can be sure to get top-notch results at the best price. We cater our services to each client’s needs, with a professionalism, respect and honesty that each project deserves.

What We Do

Metal Framing

From Exterior engineered wall framing to interior partitions and ceilings, our skilled steel stud framers can handle any project of any size or complexity.


We supply and install all types of interior and exterior including; standard paper faced gypsum wallboard, Moisture resistant drywall, cement and glass-mat tile backer board, exterior glass-mat sheathing, interior impact and sound boards.

Taping and Finishing

Our experienced drywall finishers provide high quality finish to all types of gypsum surfaces, from standard taping to level 5 finish to knockdown texture. We supply and install a variety of specialty trims and corner beads from reveal trims to archway beads. 


We supply and install all types of sound and thermal insulation, including spray foam and blow in insulation to fiberglass and mineral wool batt insulation.

Acoustical Ceilings

We supply and install a variety of acoustical ceiling systems from T-Bar suspension systems to Acoustical clouds and baffles.

Firestop Systems

From building envelope to basic fire rated partitions we supply and install all firestop systems including, spray applied sealants, composite fire rated sheathing and caulking. Our certified firestop installers can ensure you achieve the proper ULC rating and documentation required. 

Acoustical Treatment

We have extensive experience with Acoustical products from specialty sound boards to insulated acoustical sound baffles, our experienced team will find the right product required to achieve the proper STC rating of any wall or ceiling assembly.

FRP Panels

We supply and install Fiber Reinforced Panels, Smooth or textured of all colors.